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Privacy Policy

The right to privacy and the ability to control information about itself guaranteed in the constitution of many countries
Main statements:

Service is destined for providing you and your information safety from undesired interference during standing in internet.

Open Source technology of building networks based on OpenVPN protocol can provide ultrasafety data protection which is sending through open connection channels.

We use our protected jabber server for connecting with customers, for your safety.

Receiving and processing of data:

Service doesn't ask for private data during registration and using services.

Service doesn't use systems which need obligatory identification of users for accepting payments.

Service doesn't keep e-mails of users.

Cookie files - little text files, which are using by browser for saving account data, like a language of interface.

User can save authorize data for web-page accessing without entering login and password, if user wants.

Password for account saves with MD5 algoritm of encryption, what proves strong security.

Without logging::

We don't keep history of web-pages and other resourses which you have been visited.

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